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Terms & Conditions

  • Prices quoted may not include duties, taxes, customs charges or all surcharges and fees
  • Your shipment might need the following customs documents : Commercial Invoice, Certificate of Origin, Shippers Export Declaration.
  • Core Logistics reserves the right to choose carrier.
  • Rates and charges displayed in foreign currencies are subject to currency exchange rate at time of transaction.Rates and service are subject to carrier availability at time of booking.
  • Chargeable weight is the greater of the actual or volumetric weight.
  • Volumetric weight is calculated based on minimum 4.7 Kgs per cubic foot.Fuel Surcharge, if applicable, is determined by carrier and subject to change and fluctuation.Rates and quotations, unless specified, are applicable General FAK cargo only.
  • Special cargo including, but not limited to, Perishables, Dangerous goods, Live, Personal Effects are subject to additional surcharges and fees.Transit times (airport to airport) are approximated and subject to change, deviation and rerouting.
  • Unless specified, Carrier destination terminal charges are not included.Licences, Permits, Carnets, Letters of credit and any special documentation are the responsibility of the shipper and must be declared to Priority Air Cargo in advance.
  • Surcharges for main deck cargo may apply.Unless otherwise indicated, quotations and rates do not include destination Customs brokerage fees, duties or taxes.Rates and service are subject to carrier availability at time of booking.Insurance provided only upon the written instruction of the client.
  • Claims and intents to claim must be received within 7 day of receipt of the goods by the consignee noted on the Bill of Lading.
  • Rates are in accordance with the Standard Trading Conditions of CIFFA (Canadian International Freight Forwarder Association). Copy available upon request.
  • It is recommended that zip/postal code be entered to obtain a more accurate number of available services.